• Law Firm of Wear & Wear – Attorney and Mediator

    The law firm of Wear & Wear has been providing legal service since 1873, when Bill's great-grandfather, A. Hunter Wear began practicing law. Bill Wear, Jr. represents the fourth generation in the Wear family law firm -- the oldest law firm in Missouri.

    A FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM - Wear & Wear provides legal services in the areas of personal injury, divorce & custody, estate planning and civil litigation and mediation.

    Bill received his license to practice law in Missouri in 1974 and received his license to practice law in Hawaii in 1981. Most of Bills' clients live in Southwest Missouri, although he works with clients from all around the country and some who live overseas.

  • Escape From Divorce Hell
    Avoid the adversarial system by using Bill Wear's methods and system. He will apply his skills to settle your case as quickly and painlessly as possible.