Bill Wear, Jr.

Bill Wear, Jr.

Bill is an attorney, mediator, marriage & family counselor, minister,addiction educator &  interventionist, a national & international speaker and author of Recovering From Divorce … and The Horse You Rode In On!, Golf Therapy, and A Spiritual Path to Love & Intimacy.

Attorney & Mediator

Bill received his license to practice law in Missouri in 1974 and received his license to practice law in Hawaii in 1981.  Most of Bills’ clients live in Southwest Missouri, although he works with clients from all around the country and some who live overseas. He has practiced mediation since 1977.

Areas of Practice

Personal injury, divorce & custody, estate planning and civil litigation and mediation.  The Law firm of Wear & Wear is the oldest Law firm in Missouri, providing legal services since 1873.

Addiction Counselor, Educator & Interventionist

  • Assists numerous organizations, hospitals and treatment centers with drug and alcohol interventions, treatment and recovery
  • Helps families and businesses with intervention strategies with problems of drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness
  • Member of the Missouri Supreme Court’s Intervention Committee
  • Founding member of the Hawaii Bar Association’s Lawyers and Judges Assistance Committee and Intervention Committee (both Missouri and Hawaii Intervention Committees assist impaired attorneys and judges and their families)
  • Staff Psychologist at Antioch University
  • Clinical Director for the St. Francis Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, St. Francis Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Practiced marriage and family therapy at St. Francis Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii, at Hina Mauka Treatment Center in Kaneohe, Hawaii, at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Aina Hina, Hawaii, at the Navy’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program at Kaneohe Marine Base, at Cox Health Centers and at Grace United Methodist Church in Springfield, Missouri and in private practice

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National and International Speaker

Presenter and speaker at the following state, national and international conferences:

  • The National Wellness Conference
  • The American Holistic Medical Association Conference
  • The World Conference on Logo Therapy
  • The American Holistic Nurses Association Conference
  • The International Conference on Family and Conciliation Courts
  • Hawaii Bar Association’s Family Law Section
  • The Missouri Bar Association’s Annual conference
  • The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Therapists Annual conference
  • The Annual Conference of the Pacific Social Science Institute
  • The 2009 Annual Congress of the International New Thought Alliance


Bill Wear, Jr. at Wedding Ceremony

  • Graduated from seminary in 1987
  • Outreach ministry in Missouri and Hawaii
  • 2009 Delegate to the Parliament of World Religions – Melbourne, Australia
  • Member of the Ministerial Alliance of the Ozark’s Area Council of Churches
  • Affiliated with Recovery Fellowship Ministries, an interdenominational outreach ministry that offers classes, counseling and services to children and families in the areas of conflict resolution, holistic health and healing, addiction, divorce and cancer recovery

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Bill has authored:

  • Recovering From Divorce…and The Horse You Rode In On!Books by Bill Wear Jr
  • Golf Therapy
  • The Spiritual Path To Love & Intimacy
  • The Art Of Healing Yourself
  • Healing the Wounds of Divorce”
  • Relationships 101″
  • “The Mediation Process”
  • Freelance writer for Today’s Woman’s Journal
  • Magazine and newspaper articles

University Professor

Professor of graduate and undergraduate courses and seminars on Law, Psychology, Holistic Health and Conflict Resolution at Missouri State University, at Antioch University, at the Navy’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program at Kaneohe Marine Base, and at the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.