Relationship Project


Advancing the practical application of spiritual principals to the art of relating to one another ….

Thomas Merton could have been describing present day relationships when he observed decades ago “Our unhappiness seems to have grown in proportion to our power over the exterior world.”  Today, as supercomputers preform quadrillions of tasks per second, over 50% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages and 70% of third, end in divorce.

Relationship Project

If you add these divorce statistics to the millions of non-marital relationships that crash and burn, it becomes crystal clear that we live in an age of chronic and acute relationship incompetency.

The Relationship Project is a program for couples and singles interested in improving the quality of their relationships.  The Relationship Project’s mission is to help adults create relationships and marriages that  accelerate spiritual growth and psychological well-being. This mission is actualized by:

  1. Identifying your own issues. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with someone else, you will learn how to identify those areas in your own personality that sabotage your attempts at creating more happiness and success in your own life.
  2. Participating in a repair process. As you free yourself from the bondage of the past, you will figure out how to stop setting yourself up for failure.
  3. Learning how to live life more successfully. You begin by accepting responsibility for your own happiness.  Then through self-examination, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, meditation, prayer and service to others, you will substantially increase both your skill to create, and your capacity to experience, more success, happiness, and meaning in your life.
  4. Learning how to successfully participate in intimate relationships. If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.  The Relationship Program is that “something” you have never done.  The Relationship Project will help you create the relation ship of your dreams.
  5. Participating in an ongoing process of supporting yourself and others. Your commitment to assist others will ensure that your relationship skills will mature and continue to develop.  Through sharing what you learn, the quality of your life will continue to evolve and flourish.Relationship Project

The Relationship Project is facilitated by Bill Wear, Jr.  Bill is an attorney, mediator, marriage and family counselor, minister, addition educator and interventionist, a national and international speaker and the author of Recovering From Divorce … and The Horse You Rode in On!, Golf Therapy, and A Spiritual Path to Love & Intimacy.

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