How to Escape From Divorce Hell — by Bill Wear, Jr.

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No one wins in divorce court. Everyone gets hurt in a court fight. A better way to resolve conflict.

Avoid the Adversarial System

The legal system is an adversarial system. The definition of adversarial is “…where enemies fight against one another determinedly, continuously, and relentlessly …” This system, applied to divorce cases, creates conflict, hostility, irrationality, and insanity. The adversarial system compounds emotional and financial challenges and creates new ones. The system requires that the attorneys fight while divorcing spouses (and their children) pay the costs — emotionally and financially.

The system substantially increases tension, stress, conflict, and pain. Metaphorically, the traditional legal system represents a psychological and financial “Grim Reaper” whose job description is to emotionally and financially damage families, especially children. And remember, you get to pay the tab for all the fighting and carrying on.

How to Escape From Divorce Hell

The way you escape from “Divorce Hell” is by hiring me, or another Mediator or Legal Consultant who is skilled at settling divorce cases. Mediation or Legal Consulting offers you rational and effective ways to deal with your divorce.

My Commitment to You

If you hire me to help you, I will apply my skills toward settling your case as quickly, painlessly, economically and sanely as possible.

I represent the fourth generation in my family to practice law in our family’s law firm. I was the first attorney in Springfield to practice Divorce & Custody Mediation. I am considered a national and international authority in the areas of divorce and child custody and I am the only attorney in Springfield, authorized by the Missouri Supreme Court to train attorneys and psychologists to practice mediation in Missouri’s Family Court System. I will do everything I can to help you and your family through this difficult time.

I have established a successful record of helping divorcing spouses settle their cases. I will take your case seriously, and if you have children, I will make your children’s welfare my highest priority.

One Quick Story

Years ago, a divorcing couple from out of town, flew into Springfield and met with me in order to help them resolve their divorce and custody case. They had each spent over $60,000 on their divorce and were in their third year of litigation. It took the three of us less than 3 hours to come up with an agreement they both could live with.

Comments from former clients

When I first came to Bill Wear, Jr., my wife and I had already spent thousands of dollars on attorneys and it felt like we weren’t getting closer to the finish line.  Bill was able to help us reach an agreement after spending less than 6 hours with us.  He also helped us come up with a better way to communicate together about our children. Roger S.

Bill helped me and my attorney settle my divorce case.  I found it easy to communicate with Bill and because of his background in counseling, he understood what was going on psychologically with me and my daughter. I have seen what some of my friends have gone through in their divorces and I am grateful someone I trusted recommended that I talk to Bill before I did anything. Jean L.

Bill helped me and my wife “cut to the chase” and settle our divorce and custody case.  He gave us some great ideas about how to figure out what was best for our children and his ideas worked.  Neither my attorney nor my wife’s attorney had ever mentioned alternatives to going to court.  Going to Bill saved us both who knows how much money and now my ex-wife and I get along better now than I’m sure we would have if we had fought it out in court. Bruce D.

Bill Wear, Jr. recommended that I go to counseling before I started the divorce process.  I didn’t know at the time that I was suffering from depression.  I followed his advice and I am glad I did.  I am still married and over my depressions.  I am grateful that he could tell that I needed counseling.  He was more interested in helping me that making a dollar. Lori J.

If you think about getting divorced, do yourself a favor and talk to Bill Wear, Jr.  He helped me make sense out of all the legal craziness.  Bill was able to help us settle our case after we spent over a year and a half spinning our wheels with attorneys. Joe A.